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J.A. Rutter Co.

Our People Make the Difference

Portrait of Jim at JA Rutter Company
Jayme at JA Rutter Company
Allyson at JA Rutter Company
Nicole at JA Rutter Company
Man on the landing of a front-end loader
A Photo Of Dave Perne at  JA Rutter
Orange backhoe with red mulch in background
Matt Bowser
Man looking out of semi-truck cab
Captain at JA Rutter Company.

About Us

J.A. Rutter Co. has been around since 1972. We have and will always offer high quality products at fair prices.  The majority of our products are manufactured on site. Manufacturing our products on site allows us to constantly monitor quality, which allows our customers to get the most superior product possible. Our superior products along with our fast and friendly service are something we pride ourselves in offering to our customers.

J.A. Rutter Co. offers a full line of high quality landscape supplies; including soil, various types of mulch, organics, aggregates and grass seed. All of our products are available to landscapers, contractors, and homeowners. 

At J. A. Rutter Co. you pay what you weigh! Our certified weight scale enables us to offer customers an honest measure. What do we mean by honest measure? Honest measure is an ideal that we hold dear here at  J. A. Rutter Co. Our certified weight scale brings an unquestionable awareness of the true amount loaded into each truck. You, the customer, get nothing less than your money’s worth with our honest measure and we guarantee it. When you purchase from J.A. Rutter Co. you will receive a copy of the weight slip. This assures our customers that they’ve received the exact amount they paid for. There are some companies out there that short change their customers as a matter of practice. It’s then easy for them to offer “specials” that make you the customer feel like your getting a deal; when really those companies are just compromising quantity.Our certified weight scale ensures that our customers get exactly what their hard earned money paid for. 


  • We help recycle over 4,000 TONS of pallets which is over 200,000 pallets a year.
  • 1 cubic yard fits into a 3 by 3 by 3 box. (for a visual take the top square off of a washing machine and think about looking into it and how much it would hold) 
  • Recycling is a process to create new items from old and used materials. This helps in reducing energy and potentially useful materials from being wasted.
  • Recycling helps to conserve our natural resources like coal, oil and gas. 

JA Rutter Management

Portrait of Jim at JA Rutter Company
James Rutter
Jayme at JA Rutter Company
Jayme Matkozich
Nicole at JA Rutter Company
Nicole Paolo
Man looking out of semi-truck cab
Ron Holmes "Holmzy"
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