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Hydroblox is a great solution for draining swampy yards, sports fields, golf courses, etc.

Hydroblox is a 100% recycled plastic product that is an alternative to a typical exterior french drain system.  It is the pipe, fabric and aggregate all rolled into one.  The manufacturer guarantees that it will never clog and never crush.  So as opposed to a 7-10 year life span for a typical french drain, this is a forever fix.  Each panel moves ~14.5 gallons of water per minute per meter (around the equivalent of a 2″ pipe).  It has a 40K pound crush rating as well.  The product was developed locally and is manufactured in Meadville, PA.

It is a very DIY-able solution and we’re here to help!  Whether you need installation tips or an onsite consult, we are here to help you solve your water problems.  Or, if you’d rather let an installer take the reins, we have a list of competent contractors who understand the proper installation and functionality of the system.

A general installation goes something like this (*please note that each installation is site specific):

  • Using a trencher, dig a trench 12-15″ deep (we want there to be a good 3″ of soil on top of the panels), 4-6″ wide (depending on the # of panels you use)
  • Place the panel(s) in the trench
    •  We have found that the vast majority of installations, due to our precipitation and water table levels, require a double panel installation.
    •  In order to facilitate water movement, the boards just need to touch and cannot be exposed until the very last panel.
  • Backfill with decent soil (not too much clay, not too shaley) in order to build the water pressure within the panels, as this is a pressure system not a gravity fed system.
    • You do not need the 2″ per 10′ fall that you normally would using pipe.  If backfilled appropriately, this system can move water across a level surface or up a slight grade (1-2%).
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